Ahamed Kuniya, the Managing Director and Founder of the CliniCare Speciality Medical Centre, is a graduate from Calicut University. He has 23 years of work experience in United Arab Emirates. He worked in various field as a Manager with strong leadership skills. He also established good working relationships with clients as a Public Relations Officer.

He is an eminent social worker and an efficient organiser. He proved his ability in medical science by presenting a paper in key role of lipid molecular in neuro psychiatric illness and also achieved appreciation for the same.

He believes his success is at least is part due to his?
Sheik?Jarsh Mohammed Jarsh" (Director, Sharjah Creek Customs Centre) guidance and support. He would like to express his gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Buthi Al Maktoum (Dubai Royal Family) for leaving an inspiration and also for showing him the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in all fields.His wife Aminath Raziya granddaughter of Pattuvathil Ayshabi is partner of Clinicare group

His greatest dream in life was to start a medical centre which would provide treatment under affordable cost to all kinds of patients. He worked day and night to fulfil this dream and has succeed in it so far.
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Dr Moideen Kunhi Director of CliniCare group one of the founder his excellency. " " "